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In 2018, Growler Depot pioneered Australia's first end-to-end cold chain logistics service focussing exclusively on craft beer. 

To put it simply, we love craft beer. Our mission? Providing damn good beer while solving a universal problem – maintaining quality and ease throughout the distribution chain. Fast forward to 2024 and we’ve cracked the top off another one with our integrated ordering system that saves you time, money and takes the hassle out of juggling multiple suppliers. 

Streamlined Ordering.

Total Online Visibility.Enjoy 24/7 same-day PODs. One ordering system, one invoice, cold beers delivered fast.

Cold Chained The Whole Way.

The moment a product arrives at Growler Depot, it's refrigerated. From warehouse to cool room to your fridge. No sun-soaked loading bays. We monitor temperatures three times daily and our beers are cold chained the whole way. 

Flat Rate Delivery.

Beers arrive cold with $15 flat rate delivery across Perth Metro and South West. Our drivers are beer lovers through and through. They’re not your average delivery drivers. 

Volume-Based Discounts Across All Products.

Take advantage of discounts through our unique shared buying platform. Fill your fridge and unlock discounts on your craft carton orders with no order minimums. 

Big Range. Huge.

Get access to Australia’s premium craft products all in one place.

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